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The policies and protocols of application, stablish the guidelines, principles and procedures the borrowers and beneficiaries, contractors and suppliers must follow in any procurement process associated with projects financed by CABEI.

CABEI requires the compliance of the basic principles of procurement which are: transparency, competition, equality, due process and publicity. At the same time ensures the economy and efficiency in the use of the resources, the quality of good and services, and that the contracts provide adequate protection to the project.

The publication of Current and Concluded Processes, General Procurement Plans and the Link to National Procurement Systems, is carried out solely for the purpose of disclosure. The Executing Agencies of the Operations financed with CABEI resources are responsible for the execution of the acquisitions and the Operations in general, therefore, CABEI is not responsible for the content of said publications. In case of requesting additional information, it should be contacted directly with the Executing Agency of the corresponding Operation.